Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my World Y’d blog! This blog will chronicle my experience leading up to, and during my five month long internship in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. This will be my first time going abroad alone and in a professional capacity. Follow me as I embark on a journey outside my well-known surroundings and become a member of the global Y movement.

Lets get started with a cliff’s notes of what all this entails. So, I will be going to intern for the YMCA of Pietermaritzburg, a member of the YMCA African Alliance. I will not be participating in a standardized and prescribed internship program that many may be more familiar with. This process has been very fast and loose (and I still don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing). And, to many it has looked very disorganized and doomed to failure, understandably so. However, no transitional period in life is organized and smooth, or simple. I simply chose to pile on various disruptive factors:

I am a newly minted college graduate. I have an entire apartment of stuff that must be stored semi-indefinitely. My relationship of 2 and a half years abruptly ended 6-weeks before graduation leaving me semi-homeless. I have to find accommodations for the limbo period between graduation and my departure. On top of organizing my scope of work, housing accommodations, meal planning, financing, etc. with people 7-hours ahead of me with day jobs that severely hinder their availability.

I am staring to write this In June just under 2 weeks before I depart. But this process started back in February. So the first few posts will be retrospective and hopefully we’ll be caught up before I depart on the 22nd.

Let’s get started…

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