CAPCOM Go Flight!

T-minus 3 days 8 hours until departure from O’Hare International. In these last few days I’m feeling a little frantic. I’m continually creating lists and checking things off them. It seems as though the more I check off the longer the list grows. Today, I’m finalizing my many forms of communication. I just ran diagnostics and set up my microphone for skype, which will most likely be my main medium of long-form communication. Next, on the list is finalizing my international phone plan with Verizon.

I feel that I’m running out of time to get in touch with everyone before I go. I won’t lose any ability to communicate while I’m there. I have Wi-Fi in my room and will have at least a voice and text plan on my phone. Never the less I feel as though there’s a wall slowly descending and I’m trying to slide messages through the ever shrinking gap.

The title of today’s post is a reference to the NASA Flight Control Center. CAPCOM is the capsule communicator responsible for relaying messages too the Astronauts. I can’t imagine the feeling that Astronauts have experienced for the last 60 or so years as they have been suspended above the Earth. In the film The Martian, the most significant development is the establishment of communications channels between the stranded Astronaut and Earth.

Interpersonal communication transports an element of a persons presence. When astronauts, castaways, the depressed, etc. break a communication drought, even if it isn’t face to face, if it is just something as simple as a message in a bottle, it feels as though there is a physical human presence that accompanies it. The task laid out before communications professionals is to utilize this. They are required to impart this presence on command. The task I have taken on in this blog is to imbue the words you read with the essence of myself and my experiences during this internship.

As you can tell; I put a lot of stock into effective communication.


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