Cause-Driven Writer and Internationally Curious

As a self-identified internationally curious cause-driven writer I am committed to furthering missions, through writing, that seek to embrace the global nature of today’s world and utilize it.

The term “cause-driven” is borrowed from my time with the YMCA. There it means that everything the Y and its people do is informed and inspired by its mission. Cause-driven writing utilizes the malleable nature of language to share and embolden worthy missions. It uses humankinds unique ability to manipulate the constructs of language and mold meaning to communicate the compelling and hopeful messages of these causes.

The world and everything in it have gone global. I define myself as internationally curious and welcome the trans-national nature of today’s world. Dismissing traditional global hierarchies; I acknowledge and embrace the reality that no culture or geography is superior to another. I ask questions of the world around me without hypothesizing an answer. Instead, I keep myself open and seek to learn and understand.